Social Media Scrub


Don’t let a Tweet you posted 3 years ago prevent you from landing a scholarship. Unfortunately that is the harsh reality for a number of high school student athletes:

“17% of college coaches have rescinded an offer to an athlete because of content found on social media.”
— Cornerstone College Athletics Survey

By signing up for a RecruitTalk Free Account, you will get access to two of Stacked Sports’ revolutionary tools to help you develop a strong online presence and minimize risk:

1. Stacked Sports Social Media History Scrub

EVERYTHING you have EVER posted (or has been posted on your account by someone else) will be reviewed. Questionable/offensive content from various categories such as alcohol, violence, and profanity will be flagged, so that you can take necessary actions to remove it.


2. Ongoing Stacked Score

Your Stacked Score is a 90-day running risk assessment based on the content shared on your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram timelines. On your RecruitTalk dashboard, view your Stacked Score and get updated if you post anything questionable. Stacked Sports’ algorithm checks EVERY one of your social media accounts 3x per second for flaggable material. It’s like having a compliance department in your back pocket!


“Treat social media as if it’s a resume because that’s the way we view it.”
Derek Jones — Defensive Backs Coach, Duke Blue Devils

“I have turned down recruits because of their Twitter name.”
Bret Bielema — Head Coach, Arkansas Razorbacks

“A reputation takes years and years to build and it takes one press of a button to ruin it.”
J. J. Watt — Defensive End, Houston Texans