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RecruitTalk provides all student-athletes in the US with the ability to create a free profile and begin contacting College Coaches for FREE, TODAY.

Profile Options for Everyone

Many student-athlete recruiting services focus on popular sports like baseball, basketball, and football. But RecruitTalk has unique, sports-specific athletic profiles available for every collegiate sport in the US. Our powerful recruiting tools connect student-athletes who fence, row, dive, and participate in other lesser-known sports with amazing coaches.

At RecruitTalk, we want parents to be a part of the process, That’s why we give parents the ability to access and make changes to their student’s profiles on RecruitTalk as direct contributors, as needed.

Free Basic Profiles

We offer FREE Basic profiles to every student athlete in the US. Student-Athletes can send two emails to coaches every month using this free account. This is a great way to start making connections with coaches at absolutely no cost to you. All student athletes deserve a chance to get recruited by a college and play through their academic career.

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Premium Profiles

When you sign up for our RecruitTalk Premium Membership, you’ll be displaying the most in-depth athletic and academic metrics available on the web. You can show off your sports-specific statistics, academic achievements, game schedules, recommendations, highlight reels, references, and much more. If you have the drive, ambition, and desire to excel in college athletics, this is built just for you.

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Coaching Profiles

RecruitTalk provides all college coaches in the US with the ability to create a free profile to connect with student-athletes. We makes finding great athletes easy, less time-consuming, and most importantly free.