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When communicating with college coaches, a large amount of information must be transferred back and forth. Coaches will want to see highlight films and stats, read recommendations from your teachers/coaches, but also know when they can come watch you play. RecruitTalk aims to simplify this process.

With a free RecruitTalk profile, student-athletes are able to promote their abilities in a way that is attractive to college coaches.

On your Free Profile make sure to add:

  • Academic test scores, so coaches can see you are more than just an athlete.
  • Game stats, so coaches can your your performance over time.
  • Upcoming game schedules, so coaches can come see you live.
  • Additional measurements, so coaches can witness your raw athleticism.
  • References, so coaches can gather other opinions about you as a player, teammate, and student.
  • Highlight videos, news stories, and testimonials, so coaches can witness the hype surrounding your abilities.

Your Free Profile also gives you access to OnTrack. Through RecruitTalk’s OnTrack notifications, you will be prompted to take certain action steps to help you along the recruiting timeline:

  • Signing up to take standardized test like the SAT and ACT.
  • Registering with the NCAA Clearing House.
  • Signing up for fall, summer, winter recruiting camps/showcases.
  • Filing your FAFSA.