Why Choose Us?

There are lots of recruiting services out there. Why should you choose RecruitTalk?

Save Your Money

Other recruiting services are expensive! But we don't think you should have to spend excessive amounts of money to have an opportunity to play sports in college.

The "Other" Guys

$100s - $1000s
per year



Maximize Your Efficiency

Finding the right school is hard. Finding a school where you can continue your athletic dreams is even harder.

While many sites allow you to contact coaches, very few show you how effective your efforts have been. With RecruitTalk, you can maximize your communication efforts by:

1. Creating a Profile. Eliminate the back and forth emailing between you and a coach.
2. Tracking Emails. Know if a coach has opened your email, giving you a good indication of his/her interest in you.
3. Staying On Track. Through RecruitTalk’s “OnTrack” notifications, never miss deadlines like signing up to take the SAT, or registering with the NCAA Clearing House.