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The recruiting process is about more than just stats. Coaches want video proof. They know that video helps confirm an athlete’s talent.

Even if you racked up some big stats in high school, college coaches want to know that those stats are going to translate to the college level.

That's where ShowCase™ for Athletes comes in to help you capture and organize your awesomeness. Whether it's proof of your 90mph fastball, a highlight tape of your smooth jumper, or a 4.4 / 40... with Showcase, you can upload video from your computer, or right from your mobile phone.

RecruitTalk helps you organize your videos into highlights, drills, game, practice and workouts. There's even room in there to showcase testimonials from your high school coaches, teachers and other community leaders who could put in a good word for you. Did you get some coverage in the local media? There's a place for that too.

So let's say you're a pitcher and you're throwing a bullpen that you want the pitching coach at State U to see. Get on the bump, have a friend or family member log on to the RecruitTalk mobile video application, smile for the camera, then bring the heat.

Want to show that you're back from that knee injury and can make all of the cuts again? Set up some cones, blaze through one of our recommended agility drills, and upload the video footage to your profile.

Knocking down a new bench or squat max? Show it.

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