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We know that your statistics don’t define you, but statistics do help show coaches how your agility, speed, and performance translate in a game. They can also give coaches some insight for reason.

Coaches want to see progress, not just a snapshot on a good day. StatTracker™ for Athletes helps you tell the story of your whole season's statistics by graphing game performances over time. Say you may have only had 800 yards rushing, but if you were out for the first five games of the season because of a knee injury, StatTracker will show that. It's all about context.

Not only can coaches see how your statistics are improving as the season progresses, but so can you. StatTracker is more than a showplace, it is a tool you can use to track your own progress and see what you need to do to improve your ranking.

Don't think you have time to keep track of all of the numbers? No worries... your friends, family and fans can help out with RecruitTalk's Contributors™ for Athletes.

Are you ready to get a handle on those stats and get them working for you?

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