How RecruitTalk Helps You with Recruiting by Ouachita Baptist U.

RecruitTalk empowers you and your parents by helping to organize your stats and achievements into a story worth telling... and worth reading by Ouachita Baptist U.. It isn't just about game stats. Tracking academic progress as well as social media and community involvement are important. After all, we know that the college coaches are going to do everything they can to supplement an athlete's tuition before they dole out the athletic scholarship money. If there are some academic dollars up for grabs, having that academic record right there next to the stats will help that coach make quicker, better, recruiting decisions. If you're an athlete, or the parent of an athlete, sign up and check it out. You'll see there's so much more to it than just these parts.

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Chief Administrator: Rex M. Horne Jr.

Student Population: 1,532

Acceptance Rate: 70%

Nickname: Tigers

Colors: Gold and Purple

Motto: Vision. Integrity. Service.

Location: 410 Ouachita St, Arkadelphia, AR, 71998-0001

Ouachita Baptist U. Main Office: (870) 245-5000

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Ouachita Baptist U. Athletic Dept: (870) 245-5182

Ouachita Baptist U. Admissions: (870) 245-5000

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